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Forms - Hong Kong
Hong Kong - Export

Booking Form for CY
Booking Form for CFS
Booking Form for Hanging Garment Container
Instruction Form
DG Declaration Form
BL Draft Form
Non-Dangerous Commodity (Exempted) Declaration
Authorized letter for collection of Transport Set
Authorized letter for collection of BL
Cargo release with surrender BL
Clean BL Request
Loss of CFS Mate Receipt Declaration
Cargo Receipt Replacement Letter
LOI of BL Amendment
Loss of BL Declaration
Waybill Application Form
Uncontaminated Waste Declaration
Non-DG Declaration for Lithium Battery at Shenzhen

Hong Kong - Import

Authorization of DO Collection
Cargo release for Waybill or Telex Released
Bank Gurantee (115S)
Uncontaminated Waste Declaration
Loss of DO Declaration

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