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News in Latin America / Africa , 2017
25 / Sep / 2017
Rate Restoration Program for Latin America West Coast - eff. 15 Oct 2017
25th Sep 2017
Circular Reference Number: OCS/170925/L034-CSA
Rate Restoration Program for Latin America West Coast
Dear Customer,
NYK Line would like to announce the below rate restoration program effective from 15th October 2017 on all our services from Asia (North Asia, South Asia, India, and India Sub-Continent) destined to all ports in Mexico, Central America (Costa Rica/ El Salvador/ Guatemala/ Honduras/ Nicaragua) and Pacific Coast of South America (Chile/ Colombia/ Ecuador/ Peru).
Container Effective 15th Oct 2017
20’D $750
40’D $1500
40’HC $1500
40’NOR $1125
For further enquiry, please contact your local Sales or Customer Service Representatives through Export Customer Service Hotline of 852-28645118. The above information is also available in our local website http://www.hk.nykline.com

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