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01 / Sep / 2017
Customer Advisory from USA- Impact of Hurricane Harvey : UPDATE 1
1st September 2017
Customer Advisory from USA
Impact of Hurricane Harvey : UPDATE 1
Dear Valued Customer,
As part of our updates to the situation in the Houston area, please find the following:
  1. All container detention for cargo in customers’ possession that would return to Houston area depots is suspended until further notice. Upon resumption of operations, NYK will advise when the detention clock will commence. This is expected to occur the beginning of next week. (September 5th, to be confirmed)
  1. The UP ramp is now open and freetime relief has been granted until September 4th with the freetime clock restarting on Tuesday September 5th.
  1. Barbours Cut terminal has announced it will be opening Friday September 1st. Please see the Q&A at the bottom of this advisory.
  1. The following vessels will be making diversions:
  1. AL3:
    1. Philadelphia Express 047: Houston cargo has been discharged in Savannah as the vessel will be omitting Houston. Customer Service will be contacting cargo owners about further arrangements.
  1. Washington Express 103 ETA Houston 8/31  Expected to call Houston.
  1. AL4:
    1. Vecchio Bridge 099: ETA Houston 9/1  Has diverted to New Orleans and discharged both New Orleans and Mobile cargo. Mobile cargo will complete the B/L provisions from New Orleans. The vessel will then queue at Houston.
    2. Barbara 055: ETA Houston 9/1: Expected to call Houston
Latin America Service:
  1. MSC Ludvica 1734S: ETA Houston 9/2 Will be omitting Houston. Export cargo originally booked on the Ludvica in Houston will be handled on the March 1735S. NYK’s customer service team will be contacting cargo owners of import cargo to discuss further arrangements.
  1. March 1735S: ETA Houston 9/4: Expected to call Houston.
If there are any further questions, please contact either your sales representative or customers service. Customer Service can always be reached at 888 695-7447.
NYK North America Marketing Management
The following Q&A has been received from Barbours Cut Terminal
Q: Will there be limits on receiving windows?
A: Please review the published vessel schedule for receiving windows.
Q: How do I see the updated vessel schedule?
A: The latest information can be found at:
OR on the Lynx home page at http://csp.poha.com/lynx
Q: How many vessels are waiting to come in for the container terminals?
A: 3 for Barbours Cut, 1 for Bayport
Q: Where there damages/ flooding? Terminal equipment, containers?
A: No evidence of flooding on terminal. No visible damage to containers, cranes,
or other terminal equipment.
Q: Was my container on the bottom of the stack?
A: Please submit this request via email to the below email addresses for position confirmation:
Q: Was my container damaged or in standing water?
A: There is no evidence of container or terminal damage due to the storm
Q: How can I schedule an inspection of my container?
A: Damage inspections should be coordinated offsite.
Q: Are all services available on terminal?
A: Yes
Q: Will the port extend free time?
A: Per the PHA tariff, free time is provided to the shipping line for each container.
PHA is extending the free time for all imports that were on the yard at Bayport or
Barbours Cut on August 25th by an additional 7 calendar days.
Q: Was my reefer monitored?
A: No evidence of terminal power failures at the reefer banks.
Contact your individual reefer vender or shipping line for specific unit inquiries.
Q: Are gates fully operational?
A: Yes. Limited technical outages that have closed individual lanes,
but the gates are functioning fully as expected.
Q: Labor Day week hours?
Q: Are the terminals staying open late or additional weekend hours?
Q: Is IMS/C-PA, HT, and TLT open?
A: Yes – the empty yards will continue to mirror Port Houston gate hours.
Omitted Vessels:
Bayport – CMA CGM Moliere, Angol, MSC Monica, MSC Aniello, Maersk Denver, Maersk Ohio, Barry
Barbours Cut – Philadelphia Express, MSC Tamara, Frisia Lissabon, Monte Pascal, MSC Ludovica

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