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09 / Jan / 2018
EC4 JAX Omit with EC3&5 cover - Week 3-6(EB) and Week8-11(WB)
9th January 2018
Circular Reference Number: OCS/090118/L-001USA
EC4 – Omission of Jacksonville Week 3-6(EB) and Week 8-11(WB)
EC3 / EC5 - Adhoc call Jacksonville
Dear Valued Customer,
Due to vessel phase in / phase out operations, NYK will be making adjustments to EC4 port rotation with a Jacksonville omission.
To continue providing port coverage, EC3 and EC5 will be making adhoc port calls to Jacksonville on the weeks that EC4 will be omitting Jacksonville port.  
After the vessel operations program, the EC4 will resume Jacksonville call. At the same time, the EC3 and EC5 will drop the adhoc Jacksonville call.
The following vessel voyages will be affected: 
EC4 - Omit Jacksonville
Ø  Malik Al Ashtar 0026E/W (QMLT) -  ETA Kaohsiung 18th Jan 2018 / ETA New York 19th Feb 2018
Ø  Al Riffa 0001E/W (AFFT) - ETA Kaohsiung 25th Jan 2018 / ETA New York 26th Feb 2018
Ø  Jebel Ali 0001E/W  (JEAT) - ETA Kaohsiung 1st Feb 2018  / ETA New York 5th Mar 2018
Ø  Tayma 0001E/W  (TYAT) - ETA Kaohsiung 8th Feb 2018 / / ETA New York 12th Mar 2018
EC3 - Call Jacksonville
Ø  YM Unity 0070E/W (UNYT) -  ETA Kaohsiung 18th Jan 2018 / ETA Jacksonville 21st Feb 2018
Ø  Bremen Express 0059E/W (BRXT) - ETA Kaohsiung 25th Jan 2018 / Jacksonville 28th Feb 2018
Ø  Osaka Express 0071E/W (OSET) - ETA Kaohsiung 1st Feb 2018  / Jacksonville 7th Mar 2018
Ø  YM Upsurgence 0029E/W (YUCT) - ETA Kaohsiung 8th Feb 2018 / Jacksonville 14th Mar 2018
EC5 - Call Jacksonville
Ø  YM Modesty 0035E/W (YMDT) - ETA Laem Chabang 18th Jan 2018 / ETA Jacksonville 23rd  Feb 2018
Ø  NYK Atlas 0101E/W (NALT) - ETA Laem Chabang 26th Jan 2018 / ETA Jacksonville 2nd Mar 2018
Ø  Glen Canyon Bridge 0088E/W (GCBT) - ETA Laem Chabang 1st Feb 2018 / ETA Jacksonville 9th Mar 2018
Ø  Dalian Express 0101E/W (DPXT)- ETA Laem Chabang 13th Feb 2018 / ETA Jacksonville 16th Mar 2018

Thank you for your continued support and should there be any questions regarding this advisory, please contact your local sales or customer service representative for further information.
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